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(1) Japanese Food and Health product certifications (2) Japanese Electrical compliance certifications (3) Import and Logistics to Japan (4) Japanese Localised branding, website and social media development (5) Japanese Food and Health product certifications (6) Cosmetics Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act compliance

Localised branding

Our team is a mix of creatives, marketing and PR experts with native Japanese and English speakers. So we're able to localise your branding to Japanese.

It's important for us that we stay on-brand with tone of voice and language - to ensure your brand is communicated accurately. Our team is able to familiarise themselves with your brand guidelines and brand aesthetic and work together with you to achieve this.

As the Japanese market has its nuances, you might also opt for a slightly different brand feel for the Japanese market, we can advise you if we feel this is necessary, and work together to make clear brand guidelines to facilitate this.

Product certification

Importing products to Japan is sometimes not as simple as packing it and freighting it over. Japan has some of the toughest product compliance laws in the world. We have experience in certifying products from food, cosmetics to electrical. We work with partner certification labs and can manage the process end to end.

Food and beverage import services

Importing food to Japan requires strict labelling and rigorous paperwork. Each food type has a different requirement for import. Organic products require special JAS Organic certifications, depending on your country, you might be able to reuse organic certifications.

Learn more about our food and beverage import services

Business incorporation

If you're thinking of starting up your brand in Japan and prefer to have your own legal presence, we have scriveners which can help find the best business structure for you to incorporate in Japan.

Manufacturing in Japan

Japan has some of the highest quality manufacturing in the world. From traditional crafts to high tech industries. Whatever your industry, we can work together to find the best fit manufacturer for your brand.

Product & Corporate photography and videography

Thinking of utilising the unique scenery and cityscapes in Japan in your visuals? We have a team of photographers and videographers that can organise and direct this alongside your team.

Learn more about our photography services

Content creation and Japanese translation

We have copywriters and content writers to generate content and articles in Japanese. We can create content that is localised for a Japanese audience and is contextualised to communicate your brand and message.

In addition to fresh content, we're also able to translate any content that you have as well, to maximise the value of your preexisting content.

Learn more about our Japanese Translation services


Thinking of selling online in Japan? We can develop and maintain a web presence for you to communicate and sell your products in Japan. We can develop websites that integrate into inventory management and utlise popular payment gateways that are specific to Japan - to ensure high conversion rates.

Social media management

Keeping an active presence on social media in Japan is important for a brand to succeed. We can manage your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line etc.) to communicate your brand and products to a Japanese audience. We can work closely together with you to keep in sync brand messaging and develop campaigns together.

Retail and distribution

Need a retailer in Japan? Looking for a distributor in Japan? Want to open up a physical shop in Japan?

We can assist with the search. This would involve developing localised collateral and performing research which we can use to approach potential retailers and distributors.

3PL and inventory management

Sell your products in Japan and let someone take care of the inventory. We can work with you to manage your inventory and distribute it out as necessary to customers. Working with local 3PL companies, we can ensure safe storage of your inventory - whether they are perishable, bulky or require cold storage.

Amazon Japan FBA set-up & maintenance

Amazon is one of the most popular shopping platforms in Japan. We can help set up your brand in Japan and create localised listings. If you need brand registration in Japan, we can work with the Japanese Patent Office to register your brand and enable you to manage your Amazon listings in Japan.

Learn more about our Amazon Japan management services

Corporate Merchandise

We have experience in creating sustainable corporate merchandise for teams and brands based in Japan. We believe that branded corporate merchandise should reflect positively on the brand as well as the environment.

See an example we did for Tinder Japan with KeepCup

Pop-ups, conventions and trade fairs

We're able to organise your brand and products to be present at events in Japan. Get your brand in front of highly targeted customers and retailers.

We can help you organise and set up your stand. Organising the whole end to end of importing product samples, localised print material, setting up the display.

Our team can also be present at the event to help potential customers, sell your products and collect leads for further sales activities.

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