Case Study: Tinder Japan

It's a Match! The war on singles and single use plastics with Tinder and KeepCup

Grabbing a coffee-to-go for your next Tinder date? Tinder Japan wants you to do it sustainably. Single use waste is out and sustainability is in, with KeepCup.

The Requirements

Tinder Japan were looking for sustainable corporate merchandise to provide to guests of a special Tinder launch event in Tokyo. We helped them with the creation of a custom branded reusable cup from KeepCup (Australian based).

We helped with the entire process including import and product certification checks as it arrived in Japan.

KeepCup is the worlds first barista-standard reusable coffee cup, designed in Melbourne in 2007, it's the first reusable coffee cup made specifically for take-away coffees. The name KeepCup is now a household name in many countries around the world.

Swipe Mart by Tinder Japan

SwipeMart, a unique pop-up convenience store in Tokyo's Shibuya district.It offered a novel experience to Japanese consumers. Open for a limited time, SwipeMart catered to individuals aged 18 and above and provided merchandise, drinks and snacks to Tinder members.

The KeepCup

Working with our sustainable corporate merchandise partner Less Plastic, who are based in Tokyo, we ensured the KeepCup had a smooth journey from manufacturer to Japan.

Import challenges

There are challenges to import products to Japan that have contact with food and beverages. The Food and Sanitation act in Japan requires all shipments of these types of products to be lab-certified for heavy metals, material toxicity, BPA etc. Using our experience, we cleared customs with ease after having the products tested and certified.

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Looking to create sustainable corporate merchandise in Japan?

In addition to corporate merchandise, Forme Brand Office Tokyo collaborates with great brands to expand into the Japanese market with a range of services.

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