Case Study: JAU Shop

We helped an Australian design firm open up their first physical shop in Tokyo, Japan

Photo: Yuuta Kawashima, courtesy of ARA

JAU is an Australian Japanese firm that promotes Australian designed products in Japan. We helped JAU locate a shop space and worked with our interior architect to create a cosy space in which they could display their Australian designed products.

The Requirements

JAU required a space that was in central Tokyo, but avoiding the hustle and bustle of the busy city. This requirement is to convey the calm and relaxed Australian lifestyle, as well as allowing shop staff to spend higher amounts of time per clientelle.

The Find

We found a space in the renowned area of Tomigaya, Shibuya. An area with plenty of small cafes and restaurants.

JAU worked with our interior architect to design a warm and natural space to communicate the natural materials and ingredients used in the products stocked by JAU.

We also wanted to keep as much of the history of the space as well, preserving tiles and layers of flooring as part of the new shop space.

The Fitout

We designed bespoke shelving and signage for the space to ensure that products could be presented clearly and flexibly throughout the year as offerings change.

Atmospheric branding

A shop is not complete if it doesn't have it's own character and atmosphere. As part of the shops branding and character, we worked with JAU to come up with the following:

- Welcome Australian coffeee or Australian wine - Clientelle are offered a complimentary drink when they enter. The aim was to communicate the warmth of Australian hospitality, as well as showcasing Australian food culture as an essential part of their lifestyle.

- Australian Jazz and new age music - We curated a playlist of Australian music that could communicate the relaxed and vibrant mood of Australia. Selecting from a range of Australian artists. This music greets each visitor and adds the the relaxing atmosphere of the space.

- Product story cards - We created story cards about the products and designers to help communicate the design of the products and further educate clientelle on Australian design

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