Hybrid Distribution in Japan

Forme Brand Office Tokyo helps brands distribute in Japan

To help brands get their footing in Japan and grow, we offer distribution services which removes the complexity of finding partners, import requirements, inventory and fulfilment.

You bring the goods, we do the rest.

Forme Brand Office Tokyo offers a hybrid distributor and full service agency/consultancy model. Which means we are able to act as a distributor on your behalf, taking commission, but also offering additional services which we can work together on to increase your brands presence in Japan.
The benefits of this model is that you have someone looking after the hands-on side of up-starting and keeping a product brand running in Japan, while you have the flexibility to pull levers in other areas such as advertising and PR. Allowing you bring in your own specialised agencies or alternatively, use us for"pulling the levers".
We take commission for sales, and in turn, we look after key activities related to sales, fulfilment and inventory. Ongoing, we build out and manage a sales pipeline where leads with new and existing stockists are pursued with the goal of increasing sales in Japan.
If you'd like us to look after advertising campaigns, building your ecommerce presence, setting up at trade fairs etc. we offer these services at a discounted partner rate for our commission based customers - as a way to share the risk of investment.

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